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Checklist 1 - Before You Call or See Your Doctor

  1. Your signs and symptoms (in the order they occurred and what makes them better or worse).

  2. Results of home testing, such as your temperature.

  3. Medicines you take (prescribed, over-the-counter, herbal products, vitamins, etc.).

  4. Allergies to medicines, food, etc..

  5. Family and personal medical history.

  6. Your lifestyle: Eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising habits, sexual habits, drug use, etc.

  7. Concerns you have about your health and/or what you think the problem may be due to.

  8. What you would like the doctor to do for you.

  9. Your pharmacist’s phone number and fax number.

{Note: If needed, have your medical records, results of lab tests and X-rays, etc. from other health

care providers sent to your doctor before your visit.}

Checklist 2 - Durning the Doctor Visit or Call

Tell the doctor what you wrote down in Checklist 1. (Take the list with you.) Ask your doctor these questions:

  1. What do you think the problem or diagnosis is?

  2. What, if any, tests are needed to rule out or confirm your diagnosis?

  3. What do I need to do to treat the problem? Do I need to take medicine? How can I prevent the problem in the future?

  4. When do I need to call or see you again?

  5. How are costs handled for this visit and for tests?

Checklist 3 - After the Doctor Visit or Call

  1. Follow your doctor’s advice.

  2. Call the doctor’s office if you don’t understand his or her instructions.

  3. Tell your doctor if you feel worse, have other problems or side effects from the medicines, etc.

  4. Keep return visit appointments.


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