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Releasing semen too soon is the most common sexual problem in males, especially young men.

Signs & Symptoms

With premature ejaculation, a man often releases semen before he and/or his partner wants this to occur.


Jock itch is usually caused by a fungus. It can also result from garments that irritate the skin and from taking antibiotics. Jock itch is more likely to occur in hot, humid conditions.

Self-Care / Prevention

  1. The Squeeze Technique. If a man feels he is about to release semen too soon, he firmly pinches the penis directly below the head. Using the thumb and first 2 fingers of one hand, he squeezes for 3 to 4 seconds. (This was developed by William H. Masters, M.D. and Virginia E. Johnson. They founded the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation.)

  2. The Start/Stop Method. The couple should not have sex for 2 weeks. The man then concentrates on the sensations in his penis as his partner touches his genitals and brings him to an erection. The man asks his partner to stop just before semen is released. After a few minutes, his partner continues to arouse him, then stops again. This sequence is repeated 2 more times. The fourth time semen is released. Then, each time the couple has sex, foreplay is prolonged. Just taking slow, deep breaths may help slow the release of semen.

Questions to Ask

Does releasing semen too soon cause a problem for you or your partner?

  1. Self-care measures.

  2. Medicine. A very low dose of a certain kind of antidepressant is prescribed. Taken 4 hours before sex, the medicine may prolong the release of semen by at least 5 to 10 minutes. The things that follow are not cures or proven treatments, but may be helpful to some, but not all men.

  3. Using condoms.

  4. Masturbating often.

  5. Using a cream that numbs the head of the penis.