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Mental Health Facts

  1. About 27% of the people who seek medical help for physical problems have emotional problems.

  2. Depression and anxiety are the most common reasons people seek mental health treatment.

  3. Eight to 14 million persons in the U.S. suffer from depression.

  4. 80 to 90% of mental disorders can be treated with medication and other therapies.

  5. About 10% of persons in the U.S. have phobias.

  6. 18.6 million persons in the U.S. need treatment for a serious alcohol problem. 22 million people in the U.S. abuse drugs.

  7. Nearly 25% of the elderly who are thought to be senile have some form of mental illness that can be treated.

  8. Therapy does not have to take a long time. Almost 50% of the people who enter therapy will complete it in 7 or less sessions.

Every year, one in every 4 adults in the U.S. has a mental disorder. Less than one-third of them receive treatment. Less than one-half of children with a mental disease get treatment in any given year.

People who are mentally healthy feel good about themselves. They feel comfortable with others, too. They are also able to deal with the demands and changes in everyday life. People feel down, angry, or anxious in response to many things. Feelings like these can come and go quite often. These feelings may signal the need for professional help when:

  1. They are disturbing.

  2. They interfere with daily life.

  3. They linger for weeks or months.

Many people do not seek help because of the “stigma” of having an “emotional” problem. This view keeps them from getting the care they need.