Health & Safety Guidelines  »  Staying Well

  1. BulletKeep your doors locked.

  2. BulletUse a peephole in the front door.

  3. BulletIf you live alone, arrange for daily contact with a neighbor, relative, etc.

  4. BulletClearly post emergency numbers. Teach children how to call 9-1-1, etc. for help.

  5. BulletStock first aid supplies. In case of accidental poisoning, call the Poison Control Center (800.222.1222) for advice.

  6. BulletInstall smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector. Check them every 6 months. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

  7. BulletNever smoke in bed or when you feel drowsy. Better yet, don’t smoke at all!

  8. BulletIf you use a space heater, make sure it has an emergency shut off.

  9. BulletPlan an escape route in case of fire. Practice it with all household members every couple of months.

  10. BulletKeep flashlights handy.

  11. BulletUse night lights.

  12. BulletKeep stair areas well lit.

  13. BulletHave snow and icy patches cleared from the sidewalk and steps.

  14. BulletBe careful or stay home if it is icy or slippery outside.

  15. BulletMonitor your medication use. Let your doctor know if medicine(s) affect your vision, balance, etc. If prescribed sedatives or tranquilizers, be careful when you take them. They can increase the risk of falls.

  16. BulletDon’t get up too quickly after lying down, resting, or eating a meal. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness.

  17. BulletWear nonslip, snug-fitting shoes and slippers.

  18. BulletUse safety mats or nonskid tape in your tub and shower. Install grab bars in the shower and tub, too.

  19. BulletIf you use a shower bench, use one with rubber tips on its legs.

  20. BulletBefore getting in the tub, test the bath water. Make sure it is not too hot.

  21. BulletNever lock the bathroom door.

  22. BulletUse a cane or walker, if necessary.

  23. BulletInstall handrails on both sides of the stairs. Keep clutter off stairs.

  24. BulletDon’t use loose area rugs. See that carpet on stairs is nailed down securely.

  25. BulletArrange furniture so there is a clear path for walking. Test if furniture is sturdy enough to lean on.

  26. BulletClear away phone or electrical wires from walk paths.

  27. BulletUse a step stool with a safety rail.

  28. BulletBe alert to spills or wet floors.

  29. BulletTo pick up things, bend at your knees and keep your back straight. Don’t stoop.

Personal Safety Checklist

  1. BulletAsk your pharmacist or doctor if the medicines you take might make you unsteady or make it unsafe for you to drive.

  2. BulletWear a medical alert tag to identify health concerns. Get one from a drug store or from: MedicAlert Foundation International. Contact 800.344.3226 or

  3. BulletUse a cane or walker if you feel more secure walking with one.

  4. BulletHave eye exams on a regular basis.

  5. BulletWear a helmet when you ride a bike, rollerblade, etc.

  6. BulletAlways wear a seat belt when in a vehicle.

  7. BulletFocus when you are driving. Don’t do things that could distract you, such as texting or talking on a cell phone.

  8. BulletDon’t drink and drive. Don’t drive at night if you have limited night vision.

  9. BulletKeep emergency supplies (e.g., flares, blankets, water) in your car.

  10. BulletDon’t carry large amounts of cash. Carry credit cards or money in an inside pocket.

  11. BulletProtect your personal information. Do not reply to e-mails, phone calls, or text messages that ask for numbers for your social security, medical ID, bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards.

  12. BulletGet tips to avoid online scams from

To Keep Children Safe

  1. Never leave a young child alone in the bathtub or on a bed or table.

  2. Never give a young child toys or items with small parts. He or she may choke on them.

  3. Keep medicines and vitamins in “child-safe” bottles and where children can’t reach them.

  4. Never put your baby in a crib with bars that are spaced more than 2 inches apart.

  5. Make sure the mattress fits the crib so your baby can’t get stuck in the spaces.

  6. Never tie anything around your baby’s neck. He or she could choke. Take strings and ties off baby clothes. They can get caught on things and choke your baby. Cut and tie off window blind cords and keep them out of your child’s reach.

  7. Keep cleaners, chemicals, etc. out of your child’s reach. Don’t grow poisonous plants.

  8. Keep electric cords out of the way so your child doesn’t trip on them.

  9. Keep guard rails around space heaters.

  10. Lock guns in one place and bullets in another. Don’t let your child get the keys.

  11. Don’t allow diving into water that is less than 9 feet deep. Put a life-preserver on your child when near the water.