On the average, women outlive men by about five years. Doctors credit female biology for 40 percent of that lead and healthier lifestyle for the remaining 60 percent. Fewer women smoke, drink, or meet with fatal accidents than do men.  But researchers say that women will lose their edge on health and longevity if they smoke and if the stress created by trying to raise a family and work outside the home continues to mount.

Women can take steps to preserve their health, though. This chapter is packed with tips that address the specific health needs of women. You’ll find out how to protect against breast and cervical cancers. You’ll learn what questions to ask and what alternatives to consider if you’re told you need a hysterectomy. And you’ll discover how to manage premenstrual syndrome (PMS), avoid toxic shock syndrome, and relieve breast pain and swelling. And, if you’ve decided to postpone having a family, you’ll learn how to have a safe pregnancy after age 35. So you’ll discover how to keep that healthy edge no matter what your age.

Chapter 9
  1. Women’s Health Problems