The average life expectancy of men is about 75 years. This is about 5 years less that of women, who can expect to live about 80 years. Why the difference?

Attitude may be part of the explanation. Traditionally, men have been taught to ignore pain and show little concern for their health. Or they believe that “real men” don’t admit to physical weakness of any sort—or that some kind of innate strength wards off illness.

Fortunately, that attitude is changing. Many men now realize that being born male doesn’t automatically make them too tough to get sick—and that it’s not unmanly to ask for medical help when they need it.

Certain health problems—some minor, some major—are unique to men. Others affect men more often, or affect men in a different way than they affect women. This chapter will help you recognize the symptoms of exclusively male problems like prostate trouble, testicular cancer, and impotence. It will also provide tips on protecting yourself against nuisances like jock itch and baldness. Hopefully, the information here—combined with the tips throughout this book—will give men the edge they need to live longer, healthier lives.

Chapter 10
  1. Men’s Health Problems