The Healthy Habit Test

To find out just how healthy a lifestyle you lead, take this simple test. The results will help you determine which of your health habits, if any, need improvement-something the tips in this book can help you achieve.


Put a check beside each statement that applies to you, then tally your score at the end.

Alcohol Use

(If you do not drink, check all five items even though some items would not apply.)

  1. BulletI drink less than two drinks a day.

  2. BulletIn the past year, I have not driven an automobile after having more than two drinks.

  3. BulletWhen I’m under stress or depressed, I do not drink more.

  4. BulletI do not do things when I’m drinking that I later regret.

  5. BulletI have never experienced any problem because of my drinking.

Tobacco Use

(If you have never smoked, check all five items even though the last two items would not apply.)

  1. BulletI have never smoked cigarettes.

  2. BulletI haven’t smoked cigarettes in the past year.

  3. BulletI do not use any other form of tobacco (pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco).

  4. BulletI smoke only low-tar and low-nicotine cigarettes.

  5. BulletI smoke less than one pack of cigarettes a day.

Blood Pressure

  1. BulletI have had my blood pressure checked within the past six months.

  2. BulletI have never had high blood pressure.

  3. BulletI do not currently have high blood pressure.

  4. BulletI make a conscious effort to avoid salt in my diet.

  5. BulletThere is not a history of high blood pressure in my immediate family.

Weight and Body Fat Levels

  1. BulletAccording to height and weight charts, my weight is average for my height.

  2. BulletI have not needed to go on a weight reduction diet in the past year.

  3. BulletThere is no place on my body that I can pinch an inch of fat.

  4. BulletI am satisfied with the way my body looks.

  5. BulletNone of my family or friends or health care professionals have ever urged me to lose weight.

Physical Fitness

  1. BulletI do some form of vigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week or more.

  2. BulletMy resting pulse is 70 beats a minute or less.

  3. BulletI don’t get fatigued easily while doing physical work.

  4. BulletI engage in some recreational sport such as tennis or swimming on a weekly basis.

  5. BulletI would say that my level of physical fitness is higher than most of the people in my age group.

Stress and Anxiety

  1. BulletI find it easy to relax.

  2. BulletI am able to cope with stressful events as well as or better than most people.

  3. BulletI do not have trouble falling asleep or waking up.

  4. BulletI rarely feel tense or anxious.

  5. BulletI have no trouble completing tasks I have started.

Automobile Safety

  1. BulletI always use seat belts when I drive.

  2. BulletI always use seat belts when I am a passenger.

  3. BulletI have not had an automobile accident in the past three years.

  4. BulletI have not had a speeding ticket or other moving violation for the past three years.

  5. BulletI never ride with a driver who has had more than two drinks.


  1. BulletI am satisfied with my social relationships.

  2. BulletI have a lot of close friends.

  3. BulletI am able to share my feelings with my spouse or other family members (or both).

  4. BulletWhen I have a problem, I have other people with whom I can talk it over.

  5. BulletGiven a choice between doing things by myself or with others, I usually choose to do things with others.

Rest and Sleep

  1. BulletI almost always get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night.

  2. BulletIt rarely takes longer than 20 minutes for me to fall asleep.

  3. BulletI wake up few, if any, times during the night.

  4. BulletI feel rested and ready to go when I get up in the morning.

  5. BulletMost days, I have a lot of energy.

Life Satisfaction

  1. BulletIf I had my life to live over, I wouldn’t make very many changes.

  2. BulletI’ve accomplished most of the things that I’ve set out to do in life.

  3. BulletI can’t think of an area in my life that really disappoints me.

  4. BulletI am a happy person.

  5. BulletAs compared to the people with whom I grew up, I feel I’ve done as well or better than most of them with my life.


Record the number of checks (from 0 to 5) for each area. Then add up the numbers to determine your score.

  1. Alcohol use.  _____

  2. Tobacco use.  _____

  3. Blood pressure.  _____

  4. Weight and body fat levels.  _____

  5. Physical fitness.  _____

  6. Stress and anxiety.  _____

  7. Automobile safety.  _____

  8. Relationships.  _____

  9. Rest and sleep.  _____

  10. Life satisfaction.  _____

  11. TOTAL_____

Interpreting Your Score

  1. A score of 40 to 50 indicates a healthier-than-average lifestyle.

  2. A score of 25 to 39 indicates an average lifestyle.

  3. A score of 0 to 24 indicates a below-average lifestyle (and need for overall improvement).

  4. A score of less than 3 in any one area indicates a need for improvement in that particular area.

SOURCE: John Cavendish, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Health Education, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV.

Appendix A
  1. The Healthy Habit Test