248. Managing Male Menopause

You never heard of male menopause? It’s a term used to describe the emotional reactions men sometimes have in response to mid-life transitions.  Between the ages of 40 and 60, some men begin to feel edgy and dissatisfied, overwhelmed by their obligations, and pessimistic about their futures. 

Typical symptoms include:

  1. Insomnia.

  2. Sexual problems.

  3. Increased dissatisfaction with work, marriage, and family life.

  4. Preoccupation with the past, or worries about illness and death.

  5. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, or both.

  6. Impulsive behavior, or taking unnecessary or dangerous risks.

These feelings and behaviors are often triggered by changes, such as children moving away from home or other typical mid-life events.

To cope with mid-life change:

  1. Don’t make radical or impulsive changes, like trading in an economical sedan for a luxury European sports car, or suddenly deciding you want a divorce.

  2. Don’t use alcohol, drugs, or casual sex to escape or lessen the impact of change.

  3. Do share your fears and concerns with your family, and seek professional counseling if your troubles seem to be more than you can handle.

  4. Do cultivate skills and interests you’d enjoy but never took the time to pursue.

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