241. Prevent Jock Itch

“Jock itch” may have an athletic ring to it, but men who suffer the problem aren’t sports about it. Jock itch is typified by redness, itching and scaliness in the groin and thigh area, and it’s caused by a fungus infection.

Jock itch gets its name because an athletic supporter worn during a workout, then stored in a dark, poorly ventilated locker, and then worn again without being laundered, provides the ideal environment in which the fungi thrive. (Under similar conditions, women’s clothing can develop this problem, too.)

To relieve jock itch and prevent future attacks:

  1. Don’t wear tight, close-fitting clothing. Boxer shorts are recommended for men.

  2. Change underwear frequently–especially after work, if you have a job that leaves you hot and sweaty.

  3. Bathe or shower immediately after a workout.

  4. Apply talc or other powder to the groin area.

  5. Don’t store damp clothing in a locker or gym bag between wearings. Wash workout clothes after each wearing.

  6. Sleep in the nude.

An antifungal cream, powder, or lotion called tolnaftate (brand name Tinactin), may also help relieve jock itch. It takes up to two weeks to work. If your problem persists despite these measures, consult your doctor for help.

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