239. Loosen Your Tie and See Better

Dressing for success may propel you toward the top, but not toward top-notch vision. Research at Cornell University suggests a necktie that is knotted too tightly can interfere with blood flow to the brain and sensory organs—namely, your eyes. Computer operators, pilots, draftsmen, and other professionals who need to pay close attention to visual details may be hampered by the “tie that binds.”

One sure way to prevent this problem is to avoid wearing a tie altogether. If you must wear a tie:

  1. Buy shirts with plenty of neck room.

  2. Leave your shirt collar unbuttoned beneath your tie.

  3. Don’t knot your tie so tightly that you can’t slip a finger between the shirt collar and your neck.

  4. If feasible, loosen or remove your necktie from time to time throughout the day.

Chapter 10
  1. Men’s Health Problems