238. Alternatives to Baldness

A lot of men worry about going bald, especially if their fathers and grandfathers went bald. Worry builds when men hit their thirties and they notice their hair is thinning.

Don’t be taken in by fraudulent claims for vitamin formulas, massage oils, lotions, or ointments that promise to cure baldness. No existing potion or ointment will produce a full head of hair. Medications can help some cases of baldness. Examples are the prescribed drug finasteride (brand name Propecia) and minoxidil (brand name Rogaine), which can be prescribed or obtained over-the-counter.

Another option is hair replacement surgery. This involves using your existing hair. Techniques in hair replacement surgery include punch grafts; mini-grafts; micro-grafts; slit-grafts, and strip grafts. Other transplant techniques are flap surgery, tissue expansion; and scalp reduction. Talk to your doctor about these options.

If you choose to wear a hairpiece, be sure it matches your natural hair and fits properly. And remember to keep your hairpiece as clean and well-groomed as your own hair.

See your doctor if you suffer sudden hair loss—you may have a medical problem.

Chapter 10
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