Chapter 8
  1. Freedom from Substance Abuse

206. If You Suspect a Narcotics Overdose, Act Fast

Horse. Harry. Scag. Junk. Lords. Schoolboy. Morpho. Hocus. Unkie.  Powder. Joy. Snow. Miss Emma. Dollies. These are just a few of the street names for narcotic drugs.

Heroin, morphine, and cocaine are the three most common illegally used drugs. Each is powerfully addictive. Obvious symptoms of ongoing drug use include:

  1. Euphoria.

  2. Drowsiness.

  3. Apathy.

  4. Mood swings.

  5. Constricted pupils.

  6. Flushed skin.

  7. Red, raw nostrils (in cocaine users).

  8. Scars, “tracks,” or abscesses at injection sites on the arms or legs.

Signs of overdose include:

  1. Constricted, pinpoint pupils.

  2. Clammy skin, with a bluish tint.

  3. Slow pulse.

  4. Shallow breathing (which can lead to respiratory arrest).

  5. Convulsions.

  6. Coma.

If you suspect someone has overdosed on drugs, call an ambulance or drive the victim to the nearest hospital emergency room immediately.