Chapter 8
  1. Freedom from Substance Abuse

199. Help Someone Quit Smoking

Nagging does no good. Sarcasm has no beneficial effect. Threats, harassment, yelling, and pleading leave the object of your attention feeling demeaned and resentful. So, how can you truly help someone kick the cigarette habit?

If someone close to you has decided to quit, here’s how you can help.

  1. Let the smoker know you support his or her efforts and that you care about the person whether or not he or she is successful in quitting.

  2. Offer to baby-sit, prepare meals, or do other favors to help reduce stress for the other person for the first few days after he or she has decided to quit.

  3. Don’t tell the other person what to do. You can suggest ways to make quitting easier, but don’t nag or dictate.

  4. Sincerely praise the quitter’s efforts. Comment on how much more in control he or she is.