Chapter 7
  1. Your Emotions and Your Health

181. Defeat the Holiday Blues

The Christmas season (and other holidays, to a lesser degree) leave millions of people blue, not joyful. Contributing factors include:

  1. Family members who live far away.

  2. Memories of a loved one who has passed away.

  3. Financial problems.

  4. Fatigue and feelings of being overwhelmed by tasks and obligations associated with the holidays.

  5. Idealistic expectations.

Some ways to prevent the holiday blues include the following:

  1. Begin holiday preparations well in advance, to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

  2. Delegate chores like writing greeting cards or baking cookies to other members of the household.

  3. Don’t drink alcohol if it makes you moody and depressed.

  4. Don’t expect everything—food, decorations, family get-togethers—to be perfect for the holidays.

  5. Don’t spend beyond your budget.

  6. If keeping old holiday traditions is painful, start new ones.

  7. If you expect to be alone for the holidays, don’t wait to be invited somewhere; invite people over.