138. Develop Supermarket Savvy

A successful weight-control effort begins with smart food purchases.

Here’s how to maneuver your way through the supermarket and also stay in control of your weight.

  1. Develop Supermarket Savvy.

  2. Plan your low-fat meals and snacks in advance, then, using a list, shop only for what you need.

  3. Stay away from the aisles where pastries, potato chips, candies, or other potential problem foods are located.

  4. Shop for food after you’ve eaten, not when you’re hungry. You’ll choose food based on clear thinking, not hunger pangs.

  5. Choose fresh foods and vegetables over processed foods, which can deliver unwanted calories in the form of sauces and thickeners.

  6. Don’t try to rationalize buying high-calorie snack foods for others in the household. Having them around may very well undermine your weight-control efforts.

  7. Beware of high-calorie foods that, although advertised as “specials,” don’t do your diet any special favor.

Chapter 5
  1. Weight Loss: Tipping the Scales in Your Favor