136. Keep Fat at Bay with Water Each Day

If you’re looking for a magic potion to help you lose weight, look no farther than your faucet. Water, often taken for granted, is an important addition to a successful diet. It is recommended that adults drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Reducing diets should include plenty of water because:

  1. Water makes you feel full, thereby suppressing appetite.

  2. Adequate amounts of water will help rid the body of metabolized fat and waste.

  3. Water may help to relieve constipation, which is a common problem when dieting.

Here are some ways to make water more interesting and fun to drink.

  1. Garnish a glass of water with an orange slice or a wedge of lemon or lime.

  2. Drink sparkling water, either plain or mixed with some fruit juice.

  3. Drink flavored bottled water. (Check the labels; many are calorie-free, but many are not!)

  4. Drink water from an attractive goblet or wine glass, or use a special coaster under your water glass.

  5. Take an occasional “water break.” Set aside a few minutes at work or home just to relax and drink a refreshing glass of water.

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