135. Trim the Fat and Trim Pounds

The average American consumes about 37 percent of calories from fat. That’s about 10 percent too much.

Fat is the most concentrated source of calories. One level tablespoon of oil or shortening, for example, has 120 calories! Yet less than half the fat in most foods is actually visible. So it’s a good idea to know which foods harbor hidden fat. Reading labels for fat content is one way to start. Here are some other helpful hints to cut back on fat in the diet.

  1. Reduce the serving size of red meat.

  2. Substitute poultry or fish for red meat.

  3. Trim all visible fat from steaks, chops, and other fatty meats.

  4. Use nonfat or low-fat dairy products like nonfat yogurt or skim milk.

  5. Avoid pastries.

  6. Eat cereal and toast for breakfast instead of eggs and breakfast meats.

  7. Limit consumption of snacks like potato chips and crackers.

  8. Use mustard or nonfat yogurt in place of mayonnaise on sandwiches.

  9. Use less salad dressing or try an oil-free variety.

  10. Use less butter (a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon, for example).

  11. Avoid fried foods.

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