119. Drink Water, the Nutrient for Every Cell

Two-thirds of your body is composed of water, making it your body’s most vital nutrient. Water:

  1. Provides a valuable source of minerals, like calcium and magnesium.

  2. Helps digest food and absorb nutrients into the body.

  3. Carries nutrients to organs via the bloodstream.

  4. Moistens mucous membranes and lubricates the joints.

  5. Carries away bodily waste products.

  6. Cools the body through perspiration.

Many people underestimate their need for water. The average adult should drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water (or its equivalent) a day. You can meet part of that quota by consuming high water content foods.

Some examples include:

  1. Iceberg lettuce (95 percent water).

  2. Cantaloupe (91 percent water).

  3. Raw carrots (88 percent water).

Chapter 4
  1. Eating for Better Health