Chapter 3
  1. Get Fit, Stay Fit

93. Rate Your Aerobics Class

Use this handy ten-point checklist to figure out whether an aerobics class is right for you.  (You may have to take a class or two on a trial basis to answer all the questions.)

  1. 1.Is the instructor well-qualified? (He or she should be certified by the American College of Sports Medicine or by a national aerobics association.)

  2. 2.Is the floor firm yet resilient? (It should be made of either wood, with an airspace or a spring cushion underneath, or polyvinylchloride / urethane. Avoid mats. They can throw you off balance.)

  3. 3.Is the room air-conditioned?

  4. 4.Is there enough space for each participant to move freely, without crowding?

  5. 5.Does the routine include a warm-up and cool-down period?

  6. 6.Does the aerobic portion of the class last at least 20 minutes? (Your heart rate should reach but not exceed your target heart rate, as explained in Tip 87.)

  7. 7.Are you told how to check your pulse before, during, and after the aerobic portion of the class?

  8. 8.Does the routine allow participants to adjust the pace to their individual ability? (You should be able to step up the pace or ease off if you need to.)

  9. 9.Does the instructor introduce new routines or music from time to time?

  10. 10.Do you feel relaxed or invigorated after class? If you feel sore and exhausted, something’s wrong.

“Yes” answers mean you’ve probably found a class that will suit your needs.