Chapter 3
  1. Get Fit, Stay Fit

Stair Climbing Peak or Building

Mt. Everest

Mt. Rainier

Empire State Building

Eiffel Tower

Swimming Body of Water

English Channel

Lake Michigan

Mississippi River

Atlantic Ocean

Walking/Jogging/Cycling Route

New York City to Chicago

Boston to Seattle

Miami to San Francisco

Great Wall of China

Distance Guide for Exercise Goals

*One stair equals 7 inches. One lap equals 60 feet; 88 laps equal 1 mile.

(Check the length of your swimming pool.) One mile equals about 2,640 steps.



29,028 ft.

14,410 ft.

1,250 ft.

984 ft.

21 mi.

118 mi.

2,348 mi.

4,150 mi.

831 mi.

3,123 mi.

3,147 mi.

3,950 mi.

49,762 stairs

24,703 stairs

2,143 stairs

1,687 stairs

1,848 laps

10,384 laps

206,624 laps

365,200 laps

91. Swim the English Channel (or Its Equivalent)

Imagine the pride you’d feel if you could tell people, “I swam the English Channel.” As remarkable as it may sound, you can achieve such a feat, without leaving your hometown. Here’s how: Assuming one lap equals 60 feet, keep track of how many laps you swim and convert that figure into miles once a week. The English Channel is 21 miles wide which is the equivalent of 1,848 laps. Looking at it that way, you’ll swim the channel in no time. You can apply this motivational tool to walking, bicycling, stair climbing, or running. Using the following table, decide on a goal—climbing a well-known mountain or skyscraper, swimming a famous body of water, walking to a faraway city. Then figure out the distance and get moving.