Chapter 3
  1. Get Fit, Stay Fit

89. Pedal for Fitness

Riding a bicycle is good for body and soul. Cycling gets you out in the fresh air, leaves you feeling invigorated, and can do wonders for cardiovascular health. And you don’t have to ride fast and furiously to benefit from cycling.

Here’s what to do to avoid undue muscle aches when you cycle.

  1. To avoid back and knee problems, take your bike to a bike shop and have the handlebars and seat adjusted to fit you properly. The seat should be adjusted so that when one leg is extended and bent slightly, the ball of your foot contacts the pedal at the lowest point of its revolution. Handlebars should be positioned no lower than your seat.

  2. Stretch your shoulders, back, and legs slowly and gently before and after biking.

For details on how to reduce injuries and accidents when cycling, see Tip 324 in chapter 14, Be Smart, Be Safe.