79. On Your Mark, Get Set, Exercise

The real battle over starting to exercise takes place in your mind, not in your body. Sure, you know you have to shape up, but you may find it hard to get started.

Here are some excuses to “drop-kick” out of your thoughts.

  1. Exercise takes too much time. Twenty to 30 minutes a day, three to five days a week, is only 60 to 150 minutes a week. Most persons spend this much time watching TV. You could exercise while watching TV.

  2. I just don’t feel like exercising. Exercise can relieve sluggish feelings and a general lack of energy. Something as easy as a brisk walk may do the trick.

  3. I’ve never been the athletic type. Activities like walking, cycling, or swimming require no special athletic ability, making fitness possible.

  4. Exercise is boring. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Vary your exercise routine by bicycling one day, swimming the next, and walking the third day. Make exercise a social event by exercising with friends or your partner. Exercise to your favorite kind of music to overcome any monotony. You could also explore local parks by foot or bike, or try a new route every so often.

Chapter 3
  1. Get Fit, Stay Fit