29. A Simple Remedy for Prickly Heat

Feeling hot and sticky is bad enough. A visible sign of discomfort only makes it worse. Such is the case with prickly heat (also known as heat rash), identified by clusters of small blisters that itch and appear where you perspire the heaviest – the armpits, neck, back, or creases in the elbows (but not the face).

Hot, humid weather, sensitive skin, and excess weight all aggravate prickly heat.

Here are some simple ways to find relief:

  1. Wear loose, lightweight clothing.

  2. Dust the affected area with cornstarch.

  3. Take cool baths to reduce itching.

  4. Avoid hot, humid environments and stay in air-conditioned places, if possible.

The key to managing prickly heat is to avoid sweating by staying in a cool environment. The rash will disappear in a couple of days.

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