“Lazy Afternoon” by Santa Fe Artist Noel Hudson

by Don R. Powell, Ph.D. and the
American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Note: You should not substitute the information in this guide for expert professional advice or treatment. The information is given to help you make informed choices about your mental health. Follow your health care provider/counselor’s advice if it differs from what is given.

Section I–Mental Health Facts

Introduction Where To Go For Help
Mental Health Facts A Therapists’ Who’s Who
Characteristics of Mental Health Various Treatment Approaches
It’s Okay to Ask for Help How to Choose a Therapist
What Professional Counseling Really Is Evaluating Your Treatment
Helping Someone Close to You Tips for Mental Health
Reasons to Seek Help National Resources
Section II–Mental Health Topics
Introduction and How to Use This Guide

Alcohol Problems

Panic Attacks

Anger Paranoia
Anxiety Parenting Issues
Bipolar Disorder Passive/Aggressive Behavior
Burnout Phobias
Codependency Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Depression Relationship/Marital Problems
Drug Dependence Schizophrenia
Eating Disorders Self-Esteem
Gambling Sexual Concerns
Grief/Bereavement Stress
Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior Suicidal Thoughts

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About the Top Illustration - “Lazy Afternoon”:  Santa Fe Artist Noel Hudson has lived in and painted aspects of the New Mexico landscape for the past 22 years. Her paintings have been included in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions.

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