Minding Your Mental Health

 Section I - Mental Health Facts

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Tips for Mental Health

Below are 23 ways to mind your mental health:

Learn to do relaxation techniques.Tips for Stress Management

  1. Don’t let your emotions get “bottled up” inside. Appropriately share your feelings with others.
  2. Learn to manage your time efficiently.
  3. Avoid unnecessary arguments or quarrels.
  4. Do a “stress rehearsal.” Prepare for stressful events by imagining yourself feeling calm and  handling the situation well.
  5. Minimize your exposure to things that cause distress.
  6. Practice a relaxation technique daily.
  7. Be a good Samaritan. Spend time helping others.

Tips for Enjoying Life

  1. Balance work and play.
  2. Engage in activities you enjoy and look forward to.
  3. Discover the “elf” in yourself. Learn to have fun.
  4. He who laughs, lasts. Improve your laugh life.
  5. Participate in activities with people who share your interests.
  6. Reward yourself with little things that make you feel good.
  7. Live a healthy lifestyle (i.e., eat well, exercise, and get sufficient sleep).
  8. Challenge yourself to do something new.
  9. Surround yourself with cheery people. Avoid stress carriers.
  10. Shun the “superman” or “superwoman” syndrome. No one is perfect.

Tips for a Healthy Attitude

  1. Set realistic goals for yourself.
  2. Be flexible in dealing with people and events. Avoid “psychosclerosis” – a hardening of the attitudes.
  3. Accept the things you cannot change in yourself or others.
  4. Forgive yourself for mistakes.
  5. Take satisfaction in your accomplishments. Don’t dwell on your shortcomings.
  6. Clean up “psychological pollution.” See the “positive” in events.

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