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Everyone, regardless of age, race, sex, or economic status, is subject to emotional upset.Introduction

People who are mentally healthy feel good about themselves and comfortable with others. They are also able to deal with the demands, challenges, and changes in everyday life.

Everyone, regardless of age, race, sex, or economic status, is subject to emotional upset. Feeling down, angry, or anxious can be a response to a variety of things. Feelings like these can come and go quite often. When they are disturbing, interfere with daily life, and/or linger for weeks or months, they may signal a problem that requires professional assistance. In fact, during any one-year period, up to 50 million Americans (about 22%) suffer from a mental disorder that interferes with employment, school, and/or daily life.

Determining whether you need help and how to go about receiving it is not always easy. This is why Minding Your Mental Health was written. It provides information and resources you can use to take greater control of your mental well-being. Whether you are thinking about seeking help or are already in treatment, this guide will be beneficial.

Mental Health Facts

bullet About 27% of the people who seek medical help for physical problems have emotional problems.
bullet The 2 most common reasons people seek mental health treatment are for depression and anxiety.
bullet Between 8 and 14 million Americans suffer from depression each year.
bullet 80 to 90% of mental disorders are treatable using medication and other therapies.
bullet About 2% of college students suffer from an eating disorder.
bullet Approximately 10% of Americans have phobias.
bullet About 21% of college students say that sleep difficulties affect their academic performance.
bullet 22 million Americans suffer from drug dependence or abuse.
bullet 18.6 million Americans need treatment for a serious alcohol problem.
bullet Nearly 25% of the elderly who are thought to be senile actually suffer some form of mental illness that can be treated effectively.
bullet Therapy does not have to take a long time. Almost 50% of the people who enter therapy will complete it in 7 sessions or less.

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