Lunch & Learns


Available Live or OnDemand!  

HealthyLife® Learn 

Nowadays employees are working from many locations and with flexible schedules. Planning for live events can be difficult. Allow us to help with pre-recorded on-demand courses. Each one is broken down into easy-to-digest chapters with quick follow up quizzes to ensure quality education. Reporting on successful participation is included.     

The site contains 20 courses in the following categories:  

  • Nutrition 
  • Fitness 
  • Meditation 
  • Emotional Health 
  • Heart Health 
  • Yoga 
  • Holistic Wellbeing 
  • Mental Health 
  • Ergonomics  
  • Stress Management 
  • General Health 
  • Social Well-being 

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HealthyLife® Live 

Live lunch and learns delivered just for your group by one of our health experts.  

Each session includes:  

  • Program communication / marketing 
  • Participant handouts 
  • Slide deck  
  • Webinar recording  
  • Participation report  

Available Topics 

Meal-Prep (Nutrition)  

Participants learn how to make deliciously healthy meals ahead of time and on a budget!   

Better Sleep (Behavior Modification)  

Most of us don’t get enough quality sleep with our busy schedules and many demands on our time. But we are learning more and more about the health and quality of life benefits that come with getting a good night’s sleep. In this presentation, participants will learn practical ways to train their brains for better sleep.   

Re-Think Your Drink (Nutrition & Disease Management)  

Participants learn about the effects that beverages have on their blood glucose levels and how to make healthier choices in their daily lives to improve their blood glucose levels and waistline.   

Cart Smart (Nutrition)  

This presentation will cover the essential steps for a healthy and successful weight management program.  Participants will learn what a healthy snack portion looks like for all food groups, how to read nutrition labels, tips for cooking and preparing healthy meals. Can include a smoothie demonstration with samples for an additional fee.   

Mindful Meditation (Behavior Modification & Disease Management)  

Participants learn what mindfulness is and how to use it in their everyday lives.  Includes deep breathing exercises, being aware, mindful eating and resources to practice mindfulness such as yoga and meditation classes.  

Pre-Diabetes, A Cue to Action (Disease Management)  

This presentation will teach attendees how different food groups lower, maintain, and/or spike blood sugar levels, the effects of high blood sugar levels and how to maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day.   

Natural Elements (Physical Activity)  

This presentation will teach participants how to use the natural elements, which surround us every day, to fit in a great workout. The session will include a 15-minute outdoor movement session.  Participants should come prepared with proper foot and clothing attire.   

Art Therapy (Behavior Modification)  

A therapeutic activity that creates a sense of identity, reduces guilt, facilitates impulse control and expands participants ability to deal with daily stressors in life.  

What’s your Health IQ? (Behavior Modification)  

By understanding how health is directly linked to your overall wellness we have tips to show you how to improve, maintain, and strengthen your health IQ. Participants will learn through this interactive class; key components to live a longer and healthier life.  

Understanding Your Cholesterol (Disease Management)  

Cholesterol is important to your health but understanding the difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol is key. Find out ways to successfully lower your bad and raise your good cholesterol. Participants will learn about conventional and alternative treatments.  

Stress Busters (Behavior Modification)  

Feeling a little frazzled? In this presentation, participants will learn seven very effective 5-minute stress-busting tips. We will practice a few in class and you will leave feeling less stressed and ready for the rest of the day!  

Eat This, Not That (Nutrition)  

Have you ever wondered which food product is better for you? In this healthy trivia game format, a series of food products will be compared, and participants will find out which products are good and which ones to avoid.  

Power Meals (Nutrition)  

This presentation will teach attendees how to build a power breakfast, power lunch and a power dinner that will improve energy levels and overall health. The attendee will receive recipes, a super food list, as well as meal and snack ideas.  

Office Fitness (Physical Activity)  

This class will teach participants how to stay fit at their desk or office space (with an exercise band and getting up out of their chair). Participants will practice using the exercise bands during the class and learn tips for moving more while in the office.  

Aging and Your Health (Physical Activity, Nutrition & Disease Management)  

Staying healthy and feeling your best is important at any age. As we grow older, we experience an increasing number of life changes as well as physical changes. This class will provide valuable information on how one can maintain their physical health and live life to the fullest, whatever their age.  

Sugar Busters (Nutrition & Disease Management)   

This powerful presentation will include shocking stats on sugar, the dangers of added sugar in the diet, how and why sugar is addictive. We will also explore simple strategies for slashing sugar in your diet, how to do a “sugar detox” and cooking & baking tips using healthier versions of sugar!  

Jog Your Memory (Behavior Modification)  

This class is all about brain health! Let’s explore ways to maintain your memory and healthy brain function. Learn mind-stimulating games, favorite apps and super foods to feed your brain!  

A Lifestyle, Not a Diet (Behavior Modification)  

This lunch and learn will cover all the necessary information for a successful weight management program. Participants will learn the hazards of being overweight and the benefits of exercise. It will cover nutrition information including defining portion size, reading a food label, healthy tips for cooking and exercise and understanding the food pyramid and guidelines.  

Restore and Relax (Behavior Modification)  

A powerful presentation that covers the history, fundamentals, and importance of yoga. Participants will learn the many benefits yoga can offer them internally and externally. This presentation offers a short and active complimentary yoga stretch session for your employees at the end.  

Happy, Healthy Heart (Disease Management)  

Learn the best exercises, and foods to have a happy and healthy heart and learn what screenings you should be getting to know your heart health status. Participants will get up and practice strength and stretching moves to get heart rate up a little for the rest of the day.  

The Weight is Over (Behavior Modification)  

This weight management class will review the different reasons people gain weight. In this class participants will learn several strategies for weight loss and the important role of nutrition, physical activity and behavior modification techniques.