Inter-Company Challenge!

Inter-Company Well-Being Challenge!

Why have your employees compete against each other when they can all be on the same team?
Social science tells us that teamwork is one of the best ways to accomplish goals. One of the issues we face with well-being challenges is that in order for participants to succeed, they must do so at the expense of their colleagues not succeeding. Let’s turn that idea on it’s head by creating ONE team for your organization and competing against other organizations in this fun, interactive, and engaging well-being challenge! 

The next challenge is in June, 2024!

The Details:
What: Going for Growth Challenge
Participate in daily wellness activities to help a virtual tree bloom and grow!
When: June1st – 30th
Where: Tracking virtually via website and mobile app
Who: Any organization of any size!
Cost: $10 per participant 
*Current AIPM platform clients can participate free

Is your organization ready to step up to the challenge?