Two Generations Speak About Generational Economics at Upcoming Health Promotion Conference

This year’s Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference will feature a dynamic presentation on generational economics by wellness program experts from two different generations. AIPM’s Dr. Don Powell, PhD and CEO, and Brett Powell, VP will present “Generational Economics: Engaging in the Most Diverse Workforce in History.”    

For the first time in history, there are four very distinct generations working side by side. Do all generations respond the same way to technology, education, communication and their own health? The answer is a resounding “no,” which may not be a surprise to many of you. The key is to understand how each of these four generations are different. This engaging presentation will highlight defining characteristics of each generation. Dr. Powell and Brett Powell will share the latest research and case studies, sending participants home with concrete strategies to engage a multigenerational population in their wellness program.

For more information about this conference, which takes place on Hilton Head Island, SC on April 20-24, 2020, click here.

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