Let’s Talk ‘I’ll Be You’

AIPM’s VP and Wellness Consultant, Brett Powell, recently sat down (using physical distancing technology, of course!) with Derek Bell, host of the Highway to Well podcast. In this episode, they discuss what works best when it comes to communicating the wellness message for multiple generations in the workplace.  

Developing optimum wellness programming and pathways

Their discussion turned toward the value of focusing programming approaches that facilitate more creative expression, building social connections, and enhancing self-efficacy. 

With the relentless pursuit of data analytics, wellness programs sometime forget some of the simple guidelines for living and working well. Brett is working hard to advance the concept of wellness as a part of our human experience. And this may be a good reminder to all of us who work in worksite wellness, especially with living through the new normal of COVID-19. 

You can check out the podcast of “I’ll Be You” here.

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