Is Lack of Sleep a Public Health Crisis?

Sleep experts think so, including the Centers for Control and Prevention. One-third of US adults report getting less than the recommended amount of quality sleep. Lack of sleep is linked with many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more. This can have a direct impact on workplaces, including making more mistakes, which often leads to more workplace injuries and higher health and disability costs. 

And now for the good news! 

We know that improved sleep helps increase productivity, reduce health risk and generate a greater feeling of well-being. That’s a win-win for employers and employees! 

If you are looking for ways to help your employees get more quality sleep, AIPM has a solution to offer you. 

Our HealthyLife® SleepWell® Program is designed to improve sleep and enhance energy. Participants learn to modify factors that may damage sleep and reduce daytime energy, focus and productivity. They will learn how to develop healthy lifestyle habits, create an environment that promotes quality sleep and manage daily stress. 

SleepWell® includes an interactive kit and a step-by-step behavior modification program, supported by a trained SleepWell® coach. Tailored wellness coaching helps connect strategies to an individual’s specific sleep issues, lifestyle and goals. SleepWell® also addresses the needs of shift-workers in getting more quality sleep.

Click here for more information about our SleepWell® Program.

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