Does your wellness program promote mental health?

Does your workplace wellness program address mental health issues such as stress and depression? It should. Here are a few tips. [...]

Health news round-up, week of 9-23-11

Lately in health news: the DIY health care ethos, wise health care consumerism, worldwide smoking cessation programs and a $3 to $1 ROI for wellness. [...]

Do you need a stress management program in your workplace?

Giving out stress balls? You can do better.

We’ve been weathering some grumpy news lately about the state of employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Research continues to show that employees are tackling larger workloads and longer hours with little or no increase in pay. Mobile technology has made some of us feel like we [...]

Dr. Powell: “Work time flexibility is part of a value system”

From its inception in 1983, AIPM has offered a flex-time policy for its employees. Here’s how it works. [...]