Why would you use a social health game?

Games for social health are hot right now. But why would you ever want to try one? [...]

The Advantages of High Touch vs High Tech Self-Care and Wellness Information

Organizations have been successful at reducing healthcare costs by helping their employees/members become wiser health care consumers and live a healthier lifestyle. One effective way to accomplish this is by providing a self-care and wellness guide. It teaches consumers to make better decisions about what medical symptoms require professional assistance and those that can [...]

Anderson Cooper’s Twitter followers diagnose bronchitis

Yesterday, Anderson Cooper asked his 1.5 million Twitter followers for advice about bronchitis.

How do you know if you have bronchitis?, Cooper Tweeted.

Even some of his followers seem to think turning to the little blue bird in the cloud for health advice was not the best idea:

When a doctor says “You have [...]