What lessons can health promotion take from USA Today?

Four ways to spread your employee wellness messages in the style of the nation’s most widely-circulated newspaper. [...]

Does your wellness program reach young employees?

Thanks to health care reform, more young adults than ever have health insurance. That’s because: Young adults can stay on their parents’ health insurance until they are 26 years old It’s easier and less expensive to buy insurance through the exchange if employer does not offer insurance coverage

Some consulting firms estimate that 7.5 [...]

Six Ways to Use a Wellness Calendar

Do people still use paper calendars? You bet! And we have a few creative ideas for incorporating them in your wellness program. [...]

Five ways to promote your self-care guide

It’s great to provide a medical self-care guide, and employees tend to value being given a real-life, hold-in-your-hands book. But its effects will be limited if employees don’t remember to crack it open when they think they might be sick. [...]

More businesses try to get workers healthier

As if fitting into your favorite pair of “skinny jeans” isn’t enough…your boss might give you a discount on your health insurance if you do. [...]

What is Medical Self-Care and Why It’s a Win-Win-Win Scenario

The term “Medical Self-Care” can be defined in a variety of fashions but our CEO, Dr. Don Powell (biosketch) put it best when he was asked to define it by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) as part of their expert interview series.

“Medical self-care is a series of behaviors that a person engages [...]

Healthiest Nation “aspirational” video

WATCH: This short, inspiring video from the Healthiest Nation campaign. Will it inspire action and motivate change? Did it at least give you a little chill?

Six weeks to a workplace wellness program

Summertime! The living is easy and, depending on your industry, your work life might be slow.

But the lazy, hazy days of summer can be a great time to clean up, get organized and jump-start any long-term projects that have languished in your inbox.

Have you been waiting for the “right time” to start [...]