6 Take Home Points from the 2014 Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

1) It’s not ALL about ROI.

When the field of Worksite Health Promotion became popular some 40 years ago there were no studies claiming ROI for investment in employee health. Leading companies decided to invest in wellness programs because it was the right thing to do. It only makes sense, right? Healthy [...]

How to win upper management support for your wellness program

Five ways to make your case for wellness to the c-suite. [...]

The Advantages of High Touch vs High Tech Self-Care and Wellness Information

Organizations have been successful at reducing healthcare costs by helping their employees/members become wiser health care consumers and live a healthier lifestyle. One effective way to accomplish this is by providing a self-care and wellness guide. It teaches consumers to make better decisions about what medical symptoms require professional assistance and those that can [...]

Wellness for your small business

Does a business this small need a wellness program?

Can your small business afford a wellness program?

A recent article about wellness in small businesses claims that small firms may not see the same ROI that larger organizations reap from wellness. But they can provide VOI — Value on Investment. Some of those intangible [...]

Health news round-up, week of 9-23-11

Lately in health news: the DIY health care ethos, wise health care consumerism, worldwide smoking cessation programs and a $3 to $1 ROI for wellness. [...]