The Latest EEOC Ruling: What You Need to Know

On May 16th, 2016 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled on the much anticipated laws regarding the ADA, GINA and financial incentives associated with wellness programs.

Many consumer advocacy groups were arguing that providing steep financial incentives for participation in certain wellness programs essentially made those programs involuntary.

The EEOC made its final ruling [...]

2015 Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Roundup

This year’s Art & Science of Health Promotion conference was overwhelmingly positive. It was great to see old friends, meet new ones, and discuss this year’s theme: The Future of Health Promotion.

The Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego was jam packed with informative sessions presented by some of the greatest thought leaders in Health [...]

If Food Were Health Care

Wee all know that health care costs have risen at rates beyond comprehension. We constantly hear numbers thrown around as to what health care is costing, but it’s impossible to imagine what a billion dollars really looks like. Let’s take a look at the increase from another angle, possibly making it easier to digest …


Affordable Care Act and Tobacco Surcharges: What You Need to Know

The average smoker costs an additional $4,260 per year in direct medical costs and lost productivity according to the CDC. In an effort to reduce tobacco use and the additional costs related to tobacco use, many insurance companies and employers implement a surcharge to users of tobacco.

What is a surcharge?

A tobacco surcharge [...]

10 Tips to Enhance Your Wellness Program

American Institute for Preventive Medicine developed a very handy guide called “Wellness On a Shoestring: Over 350 No or Low Cost Activities and Resources to Enhance your Wellness Program.” They offer it for $34 on the website, which at that price is a steal. But, they’ve taken 10 of the activities and offer them in [...]

AIPM Self-Care Guides Save Lives

Our self-care guides have been extremely effective in lowering health care costs and absenteeism by reducing unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits. In 26 independent studies involving over 15,000 participants, they have demonstrated an average savings of $83.15 per employee in 8.3 months. More importantly, our self-care guides can save lives as evidenced by the [...]

What is Medical Self-Care and Why It’s a Win-Win-Win Scenario

The term “Medical Self-Care” can be defined in a variety of fashions but our CEO, Dr. Don Powell (biosketch) put it best when he was asked to define it by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) as part of their expert interview series.

“Medical self-care is a series of behaviors that a person engages [...]

Power to the patient: February is Wise Health Care Consumer Month

We’re kicking off Wise Health Care Consumer Month with a free toolkit full of resources for your workplace wellness program. [...]

Be CALMER in 2012

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing wellness program or start one from scratch, the American Institute for Preventive Medicine is here to make your job easier with total, customizable wellness solutions for your business. [...]

Happy holidays from AIPM

See you in January. Enjoy happy, healthy holidays. [...]