6 Ways to use a Well-Being Calendar

Communication is a critical piece to any well-being strategy. The question becomes, how can you keep well-being content front and center year round? And, do so on a budget?

Digital communication can certainly be a part of the strategy, however, a tangible item creates a sense of value and is much more likely to be used by an employee.

Enter the wellbeing calendar. With one product you have the ability to communicate your well-being message all year long. Easily add your logo and branding so that your employees are constantly reminded of where this great wellbeing resource came from 🙂

Here are 6 creative ways to use them in your workplace:

  1. Offer wellness calendars as an incentive. Want more employees to get a flu shot? Looking to improve attendance at a lunch-and-learn? Offering a free wellness calendar as an incentive to participate is a great way to bring more employees to your health-related events, or encourage participation in health risk assessments.
  2. Give away wellness calendars as prizes. For completing surveys, winning contests or at health fairs, company parties, or achieving a health goal.
  3. Promote calendars as a health tracking tool. Many wellness calendars include space for tracking health information such as blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, preventive screenings and health tests. Pick a calendar with plenty of room for vital stats tracking and encourage your employees to use it to get healthier!
  4. Bundle wellness calendars with other communications. Distribute wellness calendars with your first health newsletter of the year, with open enrollment packets, or with flyers for upcoming health events. Or include a healthy perk when you distribute the calendars, like a list of healthy local take-out options or a map of walking routes on your workplace campus.
  5. Build in company events and healthy activities in your community. It requires a little planning, but if you already have a schedule of next year’s events, why not print them in your wellness calendar so your employees can plan ahead? Include health fairs, open enrollment, company holidays, outings, retreats or seasonal events. Or make note of events in your community, like charity walks/runs, or contact information for local community fitness centers.
  6. Celebrate National Health Observances. Let your employees know when your company — and the rest of the country — will be observing Heart Health Month, Mental Health Month, American Diabetes Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

How do you use wellness calendars in your workplace? Do your employees like them? Let us know!

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