1 Solution for 3 Thanksgiving Dinner Challenges

Want your Thanksgiving dinner to be less stressful, include healthier side dishes and help satisfy the vegetarians around the table? A platter of roasted root vegetables can meet all three of these culinary challenges:

  • Roasting vegetables can be a huge time/space saver (aka “stress reliever”) since most of the work of cutting up the veggies can be done ahead of time. And, putting a large pan of veggies in the oven doesn’t clutter the top of the stove with mountains of pots. 
  • You’ll be offering vegetarians and vegans more delicious options to replace dishes made using animal-based products, like butter and sour cream.
  • The healthier part of the challenge? We’re talking about serving more vegetables – need I say more? 

There are plenty of recipes for roasted vegetables available online but look for the ones that will produce a colorful collection of orange and green for your Thanksgiving table.  

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